All You Need to Know About Philadelphia Parking

From the iconic steps of the Museum of Art, Sylvester Stallone runs up in “Rocky” to historically significant buildings like the Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed; there are lots to explore in Philadelphia. However, if you didn’t know already, Pennsylvania’s capital city is not really known for having the best parking infrastructure. Traffic is comparatively ok with other major cities like NYC and LA, but finding affordable parking in Philadelphia remains to be an Achilles heel. Unless you have made reservations for Philadelphia parking garages in advance, chances are pretty high that you would end up without a safe spot for Philadelphia parking. Street parking in Philadelphia is also a gamble, and if you are not careful, especially when it comes to Philadelphia parking in Downtown, it’s pretty easy to stack up on Philadelphia parking tickets. With so much to look forward to, how can you find a Philadelphia parking garage without going through unnecessary hassles? Continue reading, and you will soon get to read some exciting parking hacks that ensure you have the best deals for parking in Philadelphia.

Street Parking in Philadelphia

People in Philly love driving around in cars and know where all the good spots are at. If you are a visitor, always make sure you go for online booking of Philadelphia parking garages. There are hundreds of metered parking spaces in the city and even more offsite parking garages. However, the demand for all these spots is more than what is available, making it really difficult to find on-street Philadelphia parking. It would be best to keep an eye out for where you park as the Philadelphia Parking Authority that enforces and monitors street parking in Philadelphia is pretty vigilant in their job. Even the most minor parking violations can result in expensive Philadelphia parking tickets.

Parking Garages in Philadelphia

If it’s guaranteed parking that you seek in Philadelphia, you need to consider parking at the many garages that are spread out in and around the area. When it comes to Philadelphia parking garages, there are both city parking garages and privately-owned parking garages. Private lots offer some of the best deals when we compare both. Most of the privately-owned Philadelphia parking garages offer pre-booking services that let you reserve a spot in advance through websites and parking apps. The majority of Philadelphia parking garages offer pre-booking with premium services like contactless parking, covid-19 compliances, around-the-clock lot security, 24-hour accessibility, and camera surveillance. What’s even better is that you will never get ticketed for parking in garages and can save all the money you would otherwise spend on settling parking tickets.