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Real Testimonials from Real People
"Greg and Kiki are true folk performers and songwriters. A Beatlesque sort of style...the Grateful Dead meet  Peter, Paul and Mary!"

-Brian Skinness, presenter, Terrapin Station Nevis, MN
"Kiki & Greg's Rice Cakes are delicious!  When love is on the menu, you can't go wrong.  The love that flows between thse two spills over into their music.  Whether it's the joyous Rice Cakes, the spirited Jingle Dancer, the haunting Mary, or the invincible Yes It Does, your heart will get its fill.  With a bill of fare like this, you should try their little bistro soon, before the crowds start coming. (You know how hard it is to get  table at Elaine's.)

-Peg Libertus, author, playwright, composer

"Thoughtful and meaningful lyrics, combined with great melodies...dancing Light's music will take you away!"

- Jim Burt, singer/songwriter and engineer,  Loontick Recording Studio

"Kiki and Greg have been delighting audiences from north to south, east to west with their original, uplifting music.  Their amazing harmonic blend, impeccable phrasing, and talent for songwriting make this indeed a dynamic duo, one whose 'Bright Star' is on the rise!"
- Cathy DeWitt, host, Across the Prairie, WUFT-FM, Gainesville (NPR)

"Going to a dancing Light concert makes me feel happy and gives me an expanded sense of community."

-Mare Kittridge, playwright

"The chemistry between Kiki & Greg is quite evident. You fall immediately in love with them and their music"

- Sherry Heitz, wildlife artist
"Greg & Kiki offer more than music.  They offer food for the soul.  She is his muse, and he is her poet.  The way way they bounce positive energy, joy and laughter off one another while they peform is intoxicating for anyone from two to 102.  They are pure joy to watch!  They leave people better than they find them.
-Stacy Little, First Widow's Club Founder/Facilitator

"We've been listening to the music of Kiki and Greg of dancing Light for years - their music is  from the heart. The blending of their voices is awesome. The messages in the songs are unique ."
-Chuck and Reva Hanson

"When I listen to Kiki & Greg singing and now their son too, I just feel so good that I want to get out and do good things for the community. Their music brings the sun out on a cloudy day! I love it! Keep the music coming!"
-Ann Cloud, Cass Lake, MN
"I love this (Meadowdance) CD. It reminds me of the truth I have always known in my heart. I am touched deeply by this music. Please record more music.  The world will make a beautiful transformation if  more people would record music like this.

- Rev. Randall Wilson, Kiki's brother

"Greg's powerful deep rich voice and Kiki's harmony blends seamlessly for an enlightening musical experience. Combination of graphic lyrics, tight vocals, and fine guitar playing, makes their music more than just great listening."

-Ryan Pels, Performing Musician
"Kiki and Greg have brought a level of professionalism to the performances at Bemidji State Park.  Audiences always appreciate their style of music.  They play a variety of instruments and bring the audience into their "circle" while performing. They are great!"

- Janet Brademan, Executive Director, Headwaters School of Music and the Arts!

"As the words to one of their  songs goes, 'Does their music make you want to dance? YES IT DOES!'”
-Sanda Lichter, Park Naturalist, Itasca State Park

"Greg and Kiki are wonderful, returning performers that energize park visitors with their lively performances of original music." 

-Connie Cox, Park Naturalist, Itasca State Park
Greg and Kiki Webb

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